Case Studies

Ann has helped numerous distressed parents improve their situations. Here is a sample of the areas in which her advice has helped - including social development, sleep and learning.

  • When my son was diagnosed with a learning difficulty at 7, my world came crashing down. However, over time, with encouragement, a good deal of advocacy, and the use of assistive technology, my son has gained entry to all of the selective senior schools he sat, including Westminster, Winchester, City of London and Ucs...Read More
  • I started seeing Ann at the beginning of my divorce. I went to see her initially as she had been highly recommended to me as a child psychologist by several friends who had seen her. I was concerned to minimise the impact of his parents' separation on my son and I wanted to make sure that I behaved in a way which supported him as much as possible...Read More
  • On his 1st birthday when we lit the candles on Joseph's cake and sang, he cried and cried. We thought this was because he was so young, but year after year he never wanted a cake or for anyone to sing to him. During the numerous birthday parties he was invited to, he would not join in and we would spend the time in a quiet place away from the action...Read More
  • When my son Daniel started school I was horrified to hear that his teacher thought he might be autistic. I immediately turned to Ann - who I’d first met at her mother and baby group after Daniel’s birth - to help us through what I thought would be a long and difficult road ahead. Ann reassured me that Daniel is not autistic, but that with the right support and techniques that could be practiced at home many of his quirks could be ironed out...Read More
  • When my son Matthew was just over a year old we went through a very difficult phase with his sleeping. As a mum to an older boy, 6, I was sure I knew it all, but these two boys were totally different. The first one was pretty much "by the book”. While he was a baby, I regularly attended Ann's mother and baby group and it was easy to follow generic advice with him...Read More
  • I came across Ann by accident at a time when I had decided I needed someone to help me through endless rounds of unsuccessful fertility treatment. More specifically, I wanted someone who could take the place of all the family and friends I had actively excluded during the process - someone who could put a kind, understanding face on the clinical male-dominated world of fertility treatment and ultimately help me through the technical maze of drugs, protocol...Read More