What mums say...

says it all

  • Alice Martin

    (Mum to Joe)
    "We initially contacted Ann because of our son's fear and anxiety of birthday parties and loud noises. He saw Ann for a year and through her expertise and working so closely with us and his school, she has changed his life and ours. He is more confident, able to go to parties and participate in school activities. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
  • Sally

    (Mum to Alex)
    “When my son was diagnosed with a learning difficulty in year 2, I was devastated. Ann, however, gave me the support I needed to advocate on his behalf and never give up. That same boy, who could barely hold a pencil, has now gained entry to the most selective schools in the country thank you to Ann’s advice and the use of assistive technology. Ann has an enormous amount of empathy and knowledge, and I have so much to thank her for.”
  • Caroline Peretti

    (Mum to Luca and Zara)
    "I couldn’t have done it without her! Ann has enriched my experience of motherhood with a wealth of expertise and support on all aspects of pregnancy, birth, babies and parenting. She is an extremely insightful and effective therapist who combines depth of knowledge with a genuine, warm, reassuring manner. Ann's mum-and-baby groups are unique and unforgettable. In these special sessions, perched on cushions and cuddling or feeding our babies, we have all found a rare opportunity to address our feelings and concerns, share our experiences (and many laughs!), receive invaluable advice, and build lasting friendships along the way. Ann's toddler groups are equally enriching. She also offers great one-on-one sessions. Simply put, Ann is an outstanding professional and also a companion – a real authority on all family matters.”
  • Steph Danner

    (Mum to Willa and Gerard)
    “I attended Ann's postnatal group regularly after the birth of my daughter and have now started going back after the birth of my son. The group has been a real life saver for me, as I found being a mother to a small baby quite a challenge. Ann is incredibly experienced and has given me invaluable advice on all sorts of areas from ranging from sleep (lots of advice!!), to weaning, toddler tantrums and even the consistency of baby poo. In the group I have met other mothers who have experienced the same problems, which has been very helpful. Ann always makes sure to involve all mothers in the discussions. Hearing how someone else has just gone through (and survived) the same thing is very reassuring. Ann is fantastically knowledgeable, very down to earth, never judgemental and has a real sense of humour. I would highly recommend her postnatal group to anyone.